We are a small group of artists that work in decorating tiles by hand using the Majolica Method. This method  came to Spain with the Arabs and started in their community in Andalucia, it then moved up to Valencia, Aragon and Catalonia and these became the main places for its development.  

The whole process is done by hand, it is literally drawing with a paint brush, using many different colors on to a crud opaque glaze-base  and when finished the base and decoration are fired together.  We reproduce many antique designs and create ones that are to the requirements of the client. In the section ORDERS you can see some of our assignments.

All the knowledge that we have acquired during the years of working is given to the public in our free web Ceramic Dictionary, which is really an encyclopedia as it explains methods of working step by step. It has many photos and is translated into three languages. We work in Barcelona and have a studio-shop and if you wish to visit us please contact us. 


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the Workshop

handmade pottery

We have a small artisan pottery studio-shop that has existed for more than 30 years in Barcelona. We decorate and sell design of traditional Catalan tiles of the thirteenth to eighteenth centuries, painted by hand using the technique of Majolica.